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Can you write articles or have you been writing for blogs for quite some time now and you have mastered the art of proper storytelling, persuasion – creating a connection between you and any reader?

Good news for you and good news for us!

Good news for you in the sense that it is time to make money with your gift and good news for us in the sense that it is time to fill our website with unique contents that will make our visitors stay longer on our website and further more do business with us.

Type of Articles we Want from You

At RALton Cleaning since our company is all about cleaning and pest control we want topics (articles) in these niches.

Note: These articles must be Search Engine Optimized (SEO)     

How Many Words we want Per Article

The minimum number of words we want per article is 1,000 words and the maximum number of words we want is 2500.

This is to make sure our customers are properly educated in any topic they read on the blog and also to make these articles appear on search engines.

How Much we will Pay per Article

How much we will pay per article depends on so many factors. But majorly we will be paying #500 for a 1,000 words article and #1,000 for a 2,000 words article.

We can also decide to pay more if the article is unique, properly written and has all the quality it deserves.

Mode of Payments

Our mode of payment will be majorly though recharge cards but if you want a cash transfer from us, that will be after you have written 2 or more articles for us consecutively.

How to Get Started

You can get started by first emailing us at raltoncleaning@gmail.com introducing yourself to us and if possible articles you have written in the past.

After this, you will need to tell us the specific topic you want to write and if we give you the go ahead you can continue.

After written the article, you will send it to our mail as an attachment so that our editors can go through it. If after going through it we find the article good enough you will be paid the next day.

Note: You will be penalized if these articles are found on other websites or blogs because we paying for the article now mean we own it.

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